english I speak English. Please do not hesitate to contact me in English.


I offer contacts with:

  • guardian angels

  • archangels

  • ascended masters

  • passed-away people and animals

  • living animals

  • power animals


Besides the contacts with the many spiritual beings, it is my special task to look into people’s or animals’ past lives and to see what is the root cause of problems or diseases in this life. It is my strong belief that mainly any problem or energetic disorder has its root in the past lives and the so called “karma” is what we are living now. These patterns are active and we are influenced by them. Once we discover the real issue behind the problem or disease, the system of body, mind and soul can let go those energies and be free again, which means healthy and in order. In order to make it work, I ask the spiritual world to help, especially Christ, Arcangel Michael, Saint Germain and Kuan Yin with their very own and special energies and powers.


Of course, it is out of my responsibility, IF your system accepts those pieces of information and decides to let go the problems or diseases. My way has proven to be successful for many people and animals, but is no guarantee.


It is no problem for me to hold those sessions by phone as energy is universal and there are no borders or time shifts in the spiritual world.


I frequently hold workshops and meditations in the area of the Ruhr (Dortmund, Iserlohn, Gelsenkirchen) and also in the South of Germany (near Ulm).


Some of my teachers were Jana Haas, Geoff Haywards, Terry Tasker, Dr. Jan Erik Sigdell and Nguyien Thiet along with many others.


Hoping that what I am doing is interesting for you, I am sending you my warmest regards from my heart to yours.